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Beginners Guide to Crochet hits the mark

Beginners Guide to Crochet
Beginners Guide to Crochet

Looking though several beginners crochet books, I’ve found one that truly seems to hit the mark. “Beginners Guide to Crochet “ by Pauline Turner seems to have everything one would want in a beginner’s book, especially those who are feeling a bit nervous about taking up a new craft.

Beginner’s Guide starts with the basics – choosing yarn, hooks, tools - but adds a section missing from other books but just as essential as the tools. The sections include ‘Reading a Pattern’, ‘Beginning a Row’, ‘Turning Chain’ – a big issue for a lot of beginning crocheters- ‘Foundation Row’, “Pattern Repeats’, and a large list of common abbreviations, hook conversions (in case you inherited some hooks, or fnd yourself using a pattern from the UK) and common graphic symbols, often found on Asian and other non English patterns. This section alone should make this book a mainstay on any shelf as a reference guide.

The photos are large and clear, a good yarn for demonstrating was used to give clean lines and clear stitches. Each section walks through a basic stitch, then takes you to a pattern or two that is directly made from that stitch. The patterns are simple to use, mainly practical items, clear cut and most importantly, the beginner ones are quick, to encourage the new crocheter with a nice finished project in little time. Even lace and fillet crochet are covered basically in this book.

Of course, my main complaint is the same as always – a paper cover. The copy I got from the Evergreen Library has been covered in clear plastic, and it has a sewn binding, rather than a glued binding, which will help the book last through multiple uses.

Beginners Guide to Crochet is an excellent book to follow all the way though, trying most if not all the patterns; what you don’t want to keep for yourself you can always give as gifts.

I give this book a five out of five and recommend it to anyone who wants to start crocheting. If you have a friend or loved one interesting in crocheting, at $15, this book would be a perfect gift.


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