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Beginner Product Photography - Steps For Success

You have products to sell and selling online has proven to be a successful undertaking for many businesses. With the right tools you can create a positive selling environment. Why are photos important? We live in a visual society, bright, clear and concise. Marketers and photographers are paid a great deal of money to provide visually stimulating products to general society. Your photos will speak volumes for your product before they even read your description.

Remember your photos speak volumes about your products before they even read a word.
Remember your photos speak volumes about your products before they even read a word.
Good Photos speak volumes about your product
Inspired Women Buisness Alliance

Your Photos

Time to grab your digital camera, clear off a clean work surface or backdrop, find some natural lighting or build a light box and muster some patience. I'd like to mention real quick that using natural lighting verses bright lights with a light box is all up your liking. Try both. Any good digital camera 10 megapixels or higher should provide the quality you're looking for, even the newer cell phones take amazing pictures. A work surface can be an old desk, even white paper, any backdrop that will enhance your product. A light box is your product surrounded by 3 walls of white backdrops and super bright lights placed top and side, I've included a slideshow and video showing the differences.

You're Ready!
You've found your natural lighting source whether it be outside or close to a bare window. You've cleaned off a work surface and camera in hand, what next? EXPERIMENT!
Begin taking pics close up from different angles, move around and now pan out. Add a little something to accentuate your item. Photographing a glass add a flower to it. A picture hang it on a wall for size reference. Be creative but don't add so much it takes away from your product. Use other items along with your item for size reference. Good photos are clean and concise, you know exactly what is for sale. Shooting clothing or accessories? Use a model or dress form.

What is Next?
You take your images a step further and use a photo editing software or website. You can adjust colors, light, darkness, crop etc. Just be careful, you want your picture you use to look as closely like the product as possible. Looking for photo editing software or website? A simple google search or I've listed a few here I've used in the past, also your computer may have came with photo editing software.

iPiccy - advice; use the start editing button NOT the download button

After editing, your photo should be ready for online selling. Feel free to subscribe to receive up to date business advice from A to Z. Inspired Women Business Alliance hopes these helpful tips empowers you to keep your business thriving.

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