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Beginner Licenses

The following "Rule of the Month" article was taken from the recent NYS Bicycle Racing Association (NYSBRA) newsletter. It contains some important information to beginner bicycle racers, mountain bike racers, or even tri athletes looking forward to bicycle racing this year in a USA Cycling licensed event. And for you seasoned veterans... renew your license today if you haven't already.

Rule of the Month by Gary Toth, National Commissaire:

The “rule of the month” for this newsletter is taken directly from USA Cycling's rule of the month:
1A2(c), one-day licenses:

“One-day Beginner licenses may be purchased online through the USA Cycling registration system or onsite at any USA Cycling sanctioned event and are valid for a single day of racing. One-day beginner licenses may only be purchased by the lowest category of racer for that discipline; i.e., category 5 men for road, track, and cyclo-cross, category 4 women for road, track and cyclo-cross, and category 2 or 3 for MTB. One-day licenses may not be used for Championship events. No rider may purchase a one-day beginner license if he or she ever held an annual license with a category higher than any of the aforementioned."

This rule change is designed to accomplish a couple of things. First it established the basic intent that a one-day license is supposed to be for someone who is a beginner. By that definition it is for people who have the lowest category for the discipline/gender combination that is applicable. Second, it specifies that if you ever had a higher category than that and later dropped down, you are not really a beginner anymore and need to buy an annual.

Another big change for this year is that we will be doing true one-day licenses for MTB races. That is to say all riders will have either an annual or a one-day. This is a big change from our procedures over the last ten years where we did not require any sort of license for riders that were MTB 2 or 3.

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