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Begin Your UX Career - Check out General Assembly event

Begin Your UX Career - General Assembly FREE event
Begin Your UX Career - General Assembly FREE event

This is a GREAT opportunity for anyone interested in learning more about User Experience (UX) - and how important the user experience is to the success of a mobile application or website.

This is a FREE event!!

Calling all aspiring UX designers. This June, get ready to live, eat, and breathe UX design in San Francisco's full-time User Experience Design Immersive program.

Join a cohort of 20 dedicated students to build a portfolio of user research, wireframes, and prototypes — preparing yourself for an internship or job as a junior-level designer.

Take the first step. The application deadline for this 10-week program is Sunday, 18 May, so start your application today and a member of our admissions team will reach out to answer your questions.



Want to be a UX Designer? Curious about how the role differs depending on where you work?

Join us for a panel to learn more about what a UX Designer does day-to-day, and what skills you’ll need to be successful in the field.

Come to hear the stories of five inspiring designers, and stay to connect with a community of aspiring UX practitioners.

The panel will be moderated by General Assembly's UX Instructor, Mandy Messer

Light refreshments will be provided by EatWith.


Drew Hamlin
Product Design Manager,
Drew Hamlin is a Product Design Manager at Facebook and a co-creator of Origami. He joined Facebook in 2007 as an intern and has a BFA in Visual Communication Design from University of Washington.

Noah Levin
Senior Interaction Designer,
Noah Levin is a Senior Interaction Designer at Google currently living in San Francisco. For the past 3+ years, he's led the design of the iOS Google Search app with voice search and Google Now. Before Google, he worked at NASA designing a cuff-mounted interface for astronauts. He grew up in Pittsburgh, PA and received both his undergraduate and master's degrees at Carnegie Mellon in Human-Computer Interaction. He was once in a Sour Patch Kids commercial, but sadly didn't get a lifetime supply of them as a result.

Evi K. Hui
UX Designer,
Adaptive Path
Evi K. Hui is an experience designer at Adaptive Path. Her journey into design began with a ball of clay in one hand and fabric in the other; as a child she made ceramics and soft goods which led her to study industrial design at OCAD University. Through UX focused classes, internships, and an exchange program at the Glasgow School of Art, Evi discovered service design which allowed her to think more holistically about crafting people's experiences and designing the end-to-end journey. After graduation, Evi worked on the Insights & Strategy team at Smart Design before making her way to the West Coast.

Now living in San Francisco, she can be found making ceramics, crafting leather goods, climbing, cooking and exploring the outdoors on her bicycle and two feet.

Zhen Zeng
UX Designer,
Zhen is currently a UX Designer at Airbnb. Previously, she was the Senior Interaction Designer at IDEO in Palo Alto. With a goal of designing engaging digital experiences that make people's lives easier and help them imagine new possibilities, Zhen strives to combine intuitive interface with delightful visual design. She is especially passionate about information design that turns complex data into tangible and actionable tools. In her three years at IDEO, Zhen has worked on a range of projects that span across industries from Consumer Electronics to Health and Wellness to Financial Services.

Jennie Perri
Senior Product Designer ,
Jennie is a Senior Product Designer at Huge. She has led successful projects for clients including Chase, HBO GO, State Farm, and Lexus. Recently, Jennie has worked developing a Media Lab at Huge Brooklyn, which encourages experimentation with new technology and media, and co-led the 2013 Huge UX School. She received her undergraduate degree in Advertising and Design at the University of Miami, and currently serves as an academic advisor to the University of Miami MFA Interactive Media program. As a child, she maintained pet alligators.



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