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Begin the year safely: Maintenance for detectors

Every home should have smoke detectors. In fact, insurance companies ask if they are present in your home. House and fire inspectors won’t give anyone a certificate of occupancy if they are absent. Now carbon monoxide detectors are also mandatory.

Keep your loved ones safe all year round!

Do you have smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors in your home?

Do you regularly replace the batteries every year?

Batteries in all detectors should be replaced every year without fail. Their purpose is simple – saving your life. The battery should be replaced the same time every year as well. If you choose the first day of January or another day mark it down and put that note inside a cupboard you use regularly so you never forget. Mark your calendar for the next year so you can purchase batteries and replace them on the date you documented.

Important reminder:

All detectors should be fully replaced every ten years; not just the batteries.


Most batteries replaced from smoke detectors may not necessarily be completely dead. Keep these half-life batteries separate from new ones. They will still work in an alarm clock or other gadget or appliance that requires that battery size for use.

Be diligent with this task – your life depends on it!

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