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'Beggin For Thread' by BANKS goes viral on Spotify (Video)

According to a report by ABC News published on July 29, BANKS, a singer/songwriter who exploded on the music scene just a year ago through her self-produced Soundcloud channel, has made it to the top of the Spotify charts with her new single Beggin For Thread.

The album cover of BANKS new album Goddess releasing in September

And fan feedback has the sultry-voiced LA native, with a knack for hypnotizing lyrics set to mesmerizing musical hooks, pegged as the next... well, there doesn't seem to be any other artists BANKS can be compared to.

Her latest single is a sneak peek track off her upcoming sophomore album, Goddess, with more than a dozen other songs to be released in early September.

The song zoomed up the Spotify charts over the last week and is racking up heavy hits on the artist's YouTube channel, with tens of thousands of views and hundreds of comments on just the first day of the song's release on Vevo.

The lyrics to the tune are typical BANKS (real name Jillian Banks) described by The Eargazm as a "merciful mistress" who is stretching out to make her unique, developing sound commercial as well as edgy. As reviewer Zach Blackwood notes, "Beggin For Thread is definitely dancier and less experimental than some of her past offerings, but it doesn’t skimp on dark energy or her domineering character vocals."

Over the last year, BANKS has gone from opening act to headliner at some of the most prestigious music festivals around the world, wowing audiences with her soulful voice, deeply penetrating lyrics about a world out of control and her charismatic presence, swaying rhythmically to the music and exuding a tremendous, brooding talent.

In today's world of YouTube basement stars and Reality TV straining to stay relevant, a real life success story like the one BANKS is living makes for the most compelling argument yet that simple, truthful storytelling by a fresh and natural new voice is still the best way to get people to listen.

What do you think? Have you heard of BANKS? Will you buy her new album?

Click the video above to have a listen and please leave your impressions in a comment below.

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