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Before you start your resume, consider 3 Things

As this facilitator is speaking, many job seekers are garnering their strengths and formulating positive value statements for their career communications.
As this facilitator is speaking, many job seekers are garnering their strengths and formulating positive value statements for their career communications.Photo by John Moore/Getty Images

We want to see your resume shine and highlight your unique value so that you will begin to receive requests for interviews within 30 days of submitting your career communications. The purpose of a resume is to GET YOU AN INTERVIEW! So, in preparation for this opportunity, let's ask 3 things of you.

#1 Understand that there are no rules for resumes, but each person who submits a job-winning resume plans a strategy by which to capture the correct attention of hiring managers. So having said that, let's ask you to determine how you can sell your skills on your resume. Not tell your skills.

  • Professional and Personal Value Offered:

Retail Sales | Work Independently | Mentor, Coach | Customer-Service-First Philosophy

#2 Understand that no one wants to know what you did at work everyday. Hiring managers, search committees and applicant tracking systems are seeking the answer to this question, "How have you made a different in the things that you have done at work, in your professional network and in your industry?" You can provide the answer to this question by filling your resume with facts from your weekly, monthly, or quarterly goals.

For example:

  • Rehabbed 30 apartment buildings as well as two commercial buildings along with a staff of 7, overseeing $2M budget.
  • Managed the preparation of more than $150,00 meals per year, resulting in dining facility successfully meeting health/safety compliance regulations.

#3 Understand that one size does not fit all. If you are seeking several positions within your industry, it is recommended that each career field offers hiring managers a different focused resume. Write the right language, words, and tone for each category where you are seeking to apply for jobs.

If you are a graduate of a financial services institution and have interest and experience in banking, as a financial analyst or as an accounting manager, but sure to offer hiring managers 3 different resumes based on the challenges that each separate industry has PAIN (problem areas in need).

Resumes are powerful marketing documents that showcase how you can help the industry solve it's problems offering yourself as a motivated passionate professional who desires to make an impact ! Avoid lengthy resumes, sloppy handwritten corrections, punctuation errors, microsoft word template resumes and resume with jargon and abbreviations unrelated to the industry.

We hope that you found this article of benefit. Be sure to let us know other steps used to prior to getting your resume together. For instance, if you have a finance degree and experience as an accountant, financial ans