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Before You Say I Do

You are invited.
You are invited.
Photo by Joe Scarnici

People are getting married! Even though, according to, only 6.8 people out of one thousand will “break the glass”, “jump the broom” or “get hitched” this year. Still, no matter how you say it, couples are uniting in matrimony!

Chances are you may receive an embossed invitation or the electronic invite, especially during summer. But before you answer, “Yes!” there are some things you should know.

I had the pleasure of attending a wedding recently. The audience was deliciously attired (one woman's shoes resembled wedding cake icing). Music melodies caressed us. The air was primed with anticipation. In walks the minister and HALT! First things first! Some things needed to be said.

We listened as the minister presented a list of promises for the congregation to consider. Basically, it entailed supporting, encouraging and holding the soon-to-be-married couple accountable to their vows. The challenge was accepted. Not one “Nay” was heard and after a chorus of "I do’s", the wedding ceremony unfolded wonderfully.

However, time did not permit the multitude of inclusions that should have been a part of our now to do list. Does anyone ascribe to wedding etiquette anymore? Did what our grandmothers knew by osmosis somehow get lost in translation, when it became our turn to line the pews? When it comes to weddings, which have become less and less frequent, many of us are just winging it.

Here are some tried and true tips that have withstood decades:

~ It is the bride’s day to wear white. Any variation: white with a black stripe, white with a red sash, etc., will only cause you to appear as bride “b” or “c”.

~ Your hat is g-l-o-r-i-o-u-s! Big enough for two geese, some monkeys and Noah to reside in but too big for the people behind you to see anything! Choose a smaller variation for indoor viewing.

~ Although you are seated in the midst of a crowd, this is not the time for outbursts of “Atta boy!”, “Do it for me!” and other shout outs. Leave that to the angels inside Heaven’s amphitheater.

~ Should nature call during the ceremony, do not make a dash down that long white strip, crushing roses and causing a wide jagged rip! Exit down another aisle.

Finally, you are at the wedding. You made the decision to venture in. Therefore, you must put aside any ill will. Leave those feelings in the car. Also, no frowns or grimaces are allowed, regardless of the circumstances. Besides, the Bible says to rejoice with those who rejoice (Romans 12:15). Life is full of surprises. Whether as a first timer or a re-uniter, you may find yourself contributing to that 6.8 percentage next, so be on heavenly behavior. In life, you do get back what you put in.

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