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Before you return that gift for something else, consider giving it to the needy

House by the Side of the Road on Washtenaw, east of Arborland.
House by the Side of the Road on Washtenaw, east of Arborland.
Photo by Donald Michael Schwartz

It is Christmas night.  The mystery is over. Now you know what you got for Christmas. Before running down to the store to exchange those gifts for items more to your liking, consider paying the generosity forward by passing the gifts along to charity.

There are many choices in Ann Arbor, for donating gifts. Along the Industrial Drive corridor, alone, there are three different places which will gladly take your donations.  The Reuse Center, and The PTO Thrift Shop are both on Industrial Drive, between Eisenhower and Stadium.  The Salvation Army , not far away from the two above donation centers, is located at 1621 S. State Street.

Donating to thrift shops has a double benefit; people in need can purchases goods at a deep discount and the money goes to a good cause.

So, the day after Christmas, consider sitting back and relaxing with the family instead of fighting the rush traffic to the malls and the long return lines in the stores.  Instead, consider, after New Year's weekend, to donate those not-quite-for-you gifts to either of two donations centers by Arborland - The House by the Side of the Road or the Ann Arbor Thrift Shop.

Other Ann Arbor thrift shops attached to worthy causes include, St. Vincent de Paul located at 1001 Broadway Streeet, or the Kiwanis Club on Washington and First Street, near the Blind Pig in downtown Ann Arbor.

Where ever you choose to donate after the holidays, you will have the opportunity to carry over some holiday cheer into the new year.


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