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Before You Exit Delight Cleveland Crowd at Jacobs Pavilion !

Live on stage
Live on stage

Cleveland Ohio - The venue was packed and the screams of thousands on girls reminded you of Beatlemania and at times drowned out the music .What am I talking about , was Justin Beiber in town . The answer is no however the pop trio Before You Exit just hit the stage and proceeded to delight old fans and win over new ones .The Orlando Florida based band has been making impressive waves in the music industry and have shared the stage with such luminaries as The Jonas Brothers, Olly Murs , Cody Simpson and on tonight's performance they were direct support for Fifth Harmony .The band stated the performance with “Dangerous “ and proceeded to wow the audience with this new single .They then begun a stellar performance of “ A Little More You “ .” Heart Like California “ and “ Soldier “ , which so happens to be my favorite song of the night . The rest of the night concluded with “ End Of The World /Life Is a Highway “and “ I Like That “ The band that you may have never heard about will soon be a household name if their talent and determination have anything to say about it . The group consists of Connor McDonough, 20, (Vocals/Guitar), Riley McDonough, 18, (Vocals), and younger brother Toby McDonough, 16, (Vocals/Guitar) and they've already began to make their mark on the world. The bands official website is and on it you can find out all they are doing and the links to all of their social media . In addition they like to hear from their fans so please drop them a line .