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Before they sang 'Stayin' Alive,' the Bee Gees did a number of Beatles songs

Over the years, many people have covered the Beatles, including some you might not expect. One of the earliest was in 1963 by the Rolling Stones, who were the Beatles' musical rivals at the time and an up and coming group when they recorded this Lennon-McCartney number. The Stones' version sounds a lot more raw than the more polished one by the Beatles.

The Bee Gees
Wikimedia Commons

But there were other groups who achieved a lot of their own fame who also covered the Beatles. One was those was the Bee Gees, who were, ironically, often compared as sounding like the Beatles. They did a surprising number of Beatle covers in their career.

The Brothers Gibb were singing Beatles songs as early as 1963 when they did "Please Please Me" on a TV appearance.

The three covers of "Ticket To Ride", "Paperback Writer and "Nowhere Man" (see the video spot at left) are interesting to hear. In 1968, they performed "I'll Be Back" on a TV show.

In the '70s, they performed a medley of Beatles songs on the old classic "Midnight Special" TV show. They even made a video of "A Day in the Life."

And, of course, they covered several songs in the movie "Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band," which was considered a bomb when released, but has actually improved with age. Robin Gibb's version of "Oh Darling" is a highlight of the film.


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