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Before the road trips begin…

Please seat belt, cage, or restraint your pug while traveling.
Taylor Family

Summer time is here and that means road trips, family get together, picnics, and trips to the beach. Are you ready to travel with your pug? Packing your pug is similar to packing for yourself and your children: sunscreen, plenty of water, towel, toys, medicine, and food. Even traveling you want to try your best to keep your pug on the same routine of eating with the same food, sleeping at the same time, and normal potty breaks. Sunscreen, there are specifically made sunscreen for pets but most professionals would agree children sunscreen will also work on your pug. Just remember to monitor the amount of time they are in the sun with the sunscreen and heat. They still have a fur coat on. Be sure to have plenty of cool, not cold, cool water available for your pug. If you are at the beach salt water is not good for your pug to drink because it contains salt, so be mindful of your pug drinking. Also, you want your pug to be able to have something to remind them of home so their favorite toy or blanket will help them not to be home sick. So you are packed and your pug is packed, ready to head out on the road trip. Is your pug going to be caged or uncaged? If your pug will be uncaged it is best to at least have your pug seat belted in. There are car seats specifically made for dogs to help elevate them to see outside, you can just purchase a seatbelt that attaches to the car’s seatbelt and your pug’s current harness/collar, or you can purchase a harness/seatbelt. You wouldn’t think of traveling without your child being seat belted in so why travel without your pug seat belted in? In the event of an accident your pug can become a potential projectile causing injuring/ death to you, your child, even your pug or your pug could get loose and possibly run away into harm’s way.
There are some car manufacturers who are making it part of their mission to help keep pets safe within vehicles. For instance, Subaru of America, Inc. is working with the Center for Pet Safety to help come up with guidelines for the pet products industry in which to test harnesses, seat belt mechanisms and such. Currently no performance standards or test protocols in the U.S. for pet travel products but to have your pug seat belted in or restricted in a safe manner is better than to have your pug at risk for injury, death, or even getting loose in the event of an of accident. Something is always better than nothing. For additional safety information: and
Finally, before leaving on that road trip be sure to have your pug properly identified with dogs tags, properly fitting harness/collar, leash, a backup set, one can even put the pug’s name and a contact number in black permanent marker on the collar/harness and leash, hopefully micro-chipped or tattooed, with a current photo of your pug, your pug’s veterinarian information, properly inoculated for your destination, and in case of emergency contact with all medical information.
Have a safe and Happy Summer!!

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