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Before the ceremony starts, a few tips.


The wedding day starts early.  The girls have to get their hair done then everyone must arrive early for pictures.  By the time the ceremony stars your wedding party may start to get a little hungry.   Have some food and drinks available.  You may not be hungry but your wedding party may get hungry and you don't want anyone to leave to pick up burgers and fries.   With all of the activity going on, there’s no time for it plus they could get caught in traffic and anything else.  The meal doesn't have to be big, just some snacks and soft drinks or water. 

If your reception and ceremony are at different locations, make sure you have clear and precise directions to the reception.   Some couples printed up directions and made them available at the ceremony.  Others put the directions on the back of the wedding program. Either way, it avoided confusion. You want guests at the reception when you make your grand entrance not driving around looking for the reception.

The following is advice from metro Atlanta makeup artist and stylist, Robyn Hollner.

Have a few items with you on your special day:

  1. Baby Powder.  It absorbs spills on dress, helps with perspiration.
  2. Double Sided Tape.  It keeps straps from showing, holds torn hems.
  3. Hairspray.  Use it for touch ups and helps give the veil shape and lift. are a few Do's

  1. Wear a button down shirt on the wedding day.
  2. Apply fragrance before putting on on your dress.
  3. Wear your bridal shoes around the house to break in and scuff the bottom to avoid slipping.
  4. Have your groom keep a hanky in his pocket for your tears at the ceremony.