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Bees Knees a little spice in your honey make the most of end of season

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Hot chili mama in the good ol' summer time. Chili peppers one of the oldest and well-tanged spice, is purity upon honey purity thanks to the folks at Rasumus designed by MixedMade. Handmade in Brooklyn New York, the two items seem pervious to dipping in your hands all in the name of pumping up the volume.

The amber cocktail is refreshingly spicy and Paleo-friendly

Drizzle it over your ginger ale, add some sweet kick to your bourbon for a quiet afternoon on the porch. The old and new converge to revive that quintessential bee in your bonnet.

Made from local and raw honey The “bees knees” goes back to pre-prohibition days when the phrase itself was slang for “the best” back in the days when honey and lemon was used to cover the less than aromatic smell of bathtub gin. The farm in Minnesota is owned and ran by John and Lucy Shonyo, who have honey production down to an art and give classes on healthy bees. But what about the chili peppers?

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