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Beerland: The last great rock and roll dive bar?

Ol' Creepy puts a spell on Beerland audience
Ol' Creepy puts a spell on Beerland audience
Jason Gooder

It might not be the last great rock and roll dive bar. It might be the greatest in Austin, however.

It is cheap, kind of run down, and dark. The bathroom might not be that clean. There is an covered patio out front if you still smoke. Most of the bands are unknown to the general public; have you ever heard of the Fleshlights, Ditch Witch or Mom Jeans?

That's probably why the covers are so cheap. Punk rock, garage rock, metal, and other sundry varieties of rock and roll have been here. There's also rock and roll karaoke on Monday nights. It's right on Red Rock street, in the heart of the 6th street music district. They do have Lone Star in a can.

This is the kind of place that you will love or hate. You will either think, "I drove my new BMW all the way down from Round Rock to see this?" or, "I drove my dented Geo Storm from East Austin to see this!" You know who you are.

Really though, nobody cares here. If you come in wearing a solid gold Rolex and a Ed Hardy t-shirt, you might get weird looks and people would wonder if you were being ironic. If you look like a punker from the '70s you will fit right in.

Beerland is not a huge place, and the stage is just a little higher than the audience. There are no bouncers for the bands, because no rock stars play here. And hopefully it'll stay that way.

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