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Beer themed cruises are cropping up around the globe for your tasting pleasure

Pilsner & Pastries River Cruise by Great Beer Now
Pilsner & Pastries River Cruise by Great Beer Now
AMA Waterways

Dark beer, pale beer, IPAs... just any beer. If you are beer lover, then you will be delighted to learn cruise lines have recently announced several beer-themed cruises paired with complementary themes such as tulips, chocolates and pastries to interest your traveling partner. These themed cruises or cruise groups are hosted by beer aficionados such as Great Beer Now.

Great Beer Now is tentatively planning a cruise group aboard AMA Waterways October 2015 with a beer and pastries theme. More specifically, Pilsner and Pastries along the Danube beginning in Nuremberg and ending in Budapest with several city stops in between.

Visit Great Beer Now to express your interest in this beer themed cruise. The more interest, the greater the likelihood you will be able to cruise through Europe sipping suds next fall.

Visit Great Beer Now's website: