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Beer T-Shirt Club: Review

Beer T-Shirt Club
Beer T-Shirt Club

It all began four years ago after having completed, "The Single Man's Guide to Cooking With Beer," cookbook. Streeter McClure is the owner of the Beer T-Shirt Club and he has made this beer t-shirt business so simple and so sweet. Simply subscribe to the club, either on a one-month, six-month or 1-year level, sit back, look for something better to watch during commercials and open up the box in which your monthly beer t-shirt comes. Then, enjoy.

Oh and if you subscribe at the 6 or 12-month level, you receive an extra t-shirt for free. Whoa...this is our favorite price!

We love the simplicity, the employees, the t-shirts and the concept.

For $19.95 per month, you too can revel in the delight that is the Beer T-Shirt Club. You will receive one rare, beer-themed t-shirt from an out-there brewery, micro-brewery or bar. That's it. Just a hare under a 20-spot and you're set.


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