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Beer Review: Paardebloem by New Belgium and Red Rock Breweries

The Lips of Faith series from New Belgium is an exploring line of beers with eclectic display of styles and ideas. Many of these beers are collaborations. The line blends various, unexpected ingredients to produce beers like no other. The Cincinnati Craft Beer Examiner's first stop into this line is Paardebloem, a collaboration with Red Rock Brewery. This beer combines such ingredients as grains of paradise and dandelion greens with Belgian yeasts.

Seems interesting, let's get to the review.

Paardebloem pours golden with a tall white head, just as one would expect from Belgian yeast. On the nose, the pungent aspects of the grains of paradise are noticeable. Hints of pepper and peach dance about.

The mouth feel is full, with slight bitterness from the dandelion greens. Like most Belgian beers, this is one to let warm up a bit as cold it isn't well balanced. The 9% ABV is hardly noticeable, though this is a beer to sip and enjoy, not drink straight down. The peach juice provides more flavor as the beer reaches its optimum temperature.

It finishes somewhat dry from the wood aging. The sourness is slight and does not linger.

Paardebloem would go well with some strong food flavors such as a arugula salad with an oil based dressing and pine nuts and tangerines, broiled tuna steak seasoned with crack pepper.

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