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Beer-flavored jelly beans odd? Weird flavors joins dirt, vomit and soap

The mention of Beer-flavored jelly beans by Ellen DeGeneres might have fans thinking the talk show host was making a joke. However, her comments about the jelly beans might have been funny, but the Jelly Belly Company is rolling out the new Jelly Beans across America. According to USA Today on Thursday, the new flavor joins the list of growing Jelly Belly tastes that cover the sane like blueberry to the absurd like vomit.

The Jelly Belly beef-flavored jelly beans are matched to the taste of a Hefeweizen ale. Paying homage to the company’s German roots, the fans get a chance to appreciate the taste of the new candy. While there is no alcohol in the Jelly Belly, the company won’t be sharing what the bean is made out of as the ingredients are top secret!

So what other flavors does the Jelly Belly Company have that aren’t the norm? In particular the Harry Potter-themed collection of Jelly Belly jelly beans has some disgusting tastes. Those would include dirt, vomit, soap and booger. Just last month a Tabasco jelly bean flavor to the rave reviews of the masses. Looking to share a spicy jelly bean, the fans loved the taste.

Now the idea of having a draft beer taste in a jelly bean has people excited and even Ellen DeGeneres is weighing in on the idea. Of course there is no alcohol in the candy, but that might even be a bigger reason to check out the flavor and see how it tastes.

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