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Beer-flavored jelly beans? Jelly Belly makes non-alcoholic candy delight

Beer jelly beans are going to be a must have snack for the Super Bowl! The new flavor of Jelly Belly candy has people around the world looking to check out the latest variety of this popular candy. According to the “Today” show on Tuesday this is the first candy maker with a beer flavor jelly bean and the fans can hardly wait to try it.

The Jelly Belly is matched to the taste of a Hefeweizen ale. Paying homage to the company’s German roots, the fans get a chance to appreciate the taste of the new candy. While there is no alcohol in the Jelly Belly, the company won’t be sharing what the bean is made out of as the ingredients are top secret!

Only a month ago Jelly Belly released a Tabasco jelly bean flavor to the rave reviews of the masses. Looking to share a spicy jelly bean, the fans loved the taste. Now the idea of having a draft beer taste in a jelly bean has people excited. There is a pop culture influence on this candy that has everyone intrigued as Jelly Belly is considered one of the premium candies in Hollywood.

The draft beer jelly beans have been shipped to stores this week. While the flavor might not show up on the shelves for a few days, keep an eye as this flavor is one to taste!

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