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Beer-favored lollipops hit the market

How's about a beer-flavored lollipop? Or maybe one tasting like breast milk? Photo courtesy of Lollyphile.

Beer is awesome, and so is candy... so why not mix them, asks a spokesman for Lollyphile, a gourmet lollipop company based in Austin, Texas.

“People have been asking us to make beer lollipops for years,” said company owner Jason Darling. “Every time we tried one out, though, it felt too generic. So we decided to specialize -- and Lager, Stout, and IPA felt like a good three to start with."

Darling notes: "We tried our best to stay true to each of these varieties, Stout being big and dark, IPA being hoppy as hell, and Lager based on our favorite Pilsner. It was, to say the least, a very fun flavor matching experience. We came out of the whole process with a whole new appreciation for the subtleties of beer. And also with the beginnings of beer bellies."

Lollyphile opened in 2008, initially offering absinthe and maple bacon lollipops. Since then, the company has substantially grown its flavor list to include pops tasting like bacon, breast milk, green tea, blue cheese, passion fruit, bourbon, wine, amaretto, and tequila, among many others.

One big seller, called “pan galactic gargle blaster,” is said to taste “fruity, gin-ny, with notes of being hit over the head with a gold brick."