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Beer drone: Amazing beer delivery service downed by FAA

Beer drone delivery serviced put down by Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) decree. Delivery of beer to ice fisherman in Minnesota and Wisconsin by drone has been deemed to be in violation of FAA regulations. According to Fox News on Jan. 31, an ingenious brewery has been stopped in its tracks.

Wisconsin-based Lakemaid Beers, inspired by Amazon's announcement that it was planning on using drones to deliver packages, recently adopted its own version of a delivery drone, the Lakemaid Beer Drone, which has been tested on several frozen lakes.

Beer drone is a brilliant idea that is apparently way ahead of its time. At least the drones are moving faster than the FAA's ability to update their regulations. Lakemaid's tests prove that it is possible to deliver the golden, refreshing beverage by drone to thirsty fisherman in need.

Beer drone entrepreneur, Jack Supple, Lakemaid's president, was contacted by the FAA. They said that he was in violation of their rules. The agency claims that they are concerned for the safety of people both on the ground and in the air.

At this point it looks like ice fisherman are going to be waiting a long time for their beer deliveries as the FAA is not expected to make any updates to their regulations until at least 2015.

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