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Alcoholic baby creates buzz in China (Photo)

Cheng Cheng, a toddler in China, downs a bottle of wine in this viral photo.
Cheng Cheng, a toddler in China, downs a bottle of wine in this viral photo.
ET Today, China:

Thought the chain smoking toddler in China was a sign of the end of times? Get a load of this wine guzzling two year old, creating a "buzz" on the web.

According to an article published by ET Today on June 23, the boozy toddler from Anhui province and named Cheng Cheng, has been drinking all kinds of alcohol since he was just 10 months old. Even to the point, as his family tells the newspaper, that he refuses to drink milk or juice, preferring wine or beer instead.

Cheng Cheng's aunt told the paper, "At that time, all of us in the family thought this child will really drink a lot when he grows up."

The idea gets lost a bit in translation, but the meaning is clear: The family doesn't seem to have a clue how dangerous it can be for a child to consume alcohol regularly.

At least, that was the case, before this photo went viral in China and the web piled on, condemning the family for its ignorance and concerned for the safety of the toddler.

It seems that all the outrage has had a beneficial effect on family members, once they realized the danger.

“We will not let him drink or touch alcohol anymore as we are afraid it will affect his growth," says Cheng Cheng's aunt.

But, that's not all.

According to WebMD, "Alcohol can be poisonous to anyone who drinks too much in a short space of time, but children are especially vulnerable because of their smaller size. Serious health effects of alcohol on children can be seen when their blood alcohol levels get too high. This can cause their brain to stop controlling their body’s vital functions and in the worst case scenario they could stop breathing, fall into a coma or choke on their own vomit."

The family will probably have their hands full keeping Cheng Cheng away from alcohol, as they say he can be very insistent when he sees other family members drinking wine or beer.

Hopefully, the outrage sparked by this viral photo will help other parents around the world see how dangerous it is to let children, of any age, drink alcohol.

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