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Beer company tries to invent new holiday

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Plastic cacti draped in mini Dos Equis blankets surrounded the plaza in New York.

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The "Most Interesting Man in the World", also known as the Dos Equis mascot Jonathan Goldsmith appeared in New York Tuesday as part of a publicity stunt to raise awareness for their brand.

Dos Equis's spokesperson said that since Cinco de Mayo, the Mexican American pride day, falls on a Monday this year, the company proposes that they celebrate Cinco de Mayo on the second of May. Thus, people will be able to go out to party, and drink their beer, on a Friday.

The name Dos de Mayo plays with the Spanish word for two, Dos, and associates it with the beer company.

"I have petitioned the World Bank, and governments, and kings and queens to make Cinco de Mayo a holiday,” said MIM (the Most Interesting Man).

“We are offering everyone a proper way to start this incredible fiesta,” he said. "Stay thirsty, my friends!"

The Most Interesting Man in the World first made his debut in 2006 in the first of many Dos Equis commercials and radio advertisements where he was featured preforming some major feats of science and nature that come across more like mythology.

Those that participated in the cactus give away were carded in order for the company to not seem like they were trying to pull in an under aged audience to their advertisement.

After all, what is the point of advertising to people that cannot legally drink yet?