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Beer, in bread? Heck yes!

Mmmmm, cheese and beer.  A classic combo.
Mmmmm, cheese and beer. A classic combo.

This week is national baking week, and I loooooove me some baking.  So even though I'm currently enjoying the strong California sun for the Easter holiday, I thought I'd combine my love of all things oven-related with my love of British pubs, and bake up a delicious loaf of beer bread.  Well, muffins, because one is limited by one's supplies in one's parents' house...

I found a good-looking recipe, bought a massive bottle of Blue Moon, and got to work.  And the result was pretty durn tasty, if not very beer-y.  To be fair, though, these little bricks of cheese and scallion were heavy enough without the flavor of ale to weigh them down even more.  What the beer did add was a moistness and a subtle wheatiness.

And, of course, a bit of fun in the baking process!

NB: We'll be back to our regularly scheduled programming come May, when I'm back in London.


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