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Beer Bratwurst: perfect for game day


     Meals this time of year begin to shift in a few noticeable ways. The biggest of these changes would probably be the environment. Where it was once ate politely and calmly around a table, dinner has removed itself to wherever the largest television screen is, even if that means the neighbors house. “Please” and “Thanks you’s” morph into illegible yelling and words I can’t yet type on an article like this. This, coincidentally, means the type of food being eaten changes. So in these upcoming exciting and hectic weeks, don’t overwork yourself into a cooking frenzy.  My next few articles are going to be about some perfect easy recipes that will keep everyone happy.

Bratwurst are the classic game-day food. Here are the four most popular ways to cook a bratwurst indoors:

1. Indoor Grill/George Foreman: The best part about a George Foreman is that it is a “lean mean fat grilling machine.” So if you are starting this year watching what you eat make sure to give this a spin. You’ll be amazed at how much fat drips off the brats, and you'll feel much better about scarfing one (or two) of them down.
2. Skillet: Within this category there are hundreds of ways to prepare a brat. In most cases beer or water is used. A good tip for cooking brats in a skillet with water is that the water should never completely cover the brats. Look below for a basic Beer Brat recipe!
3. Microwave: This is nice to use if you live in a dorm room or your wife has banned you from using the stovetop. Stick one brat in the microwave for one minute, flipping it over at 30 seconds.  Then stick it in a bun or smother it with your favorite sauce.
4. Oven: Cooking brats in an oven makes an easy meal because you can throw in so many other ingredients with them! Throw in some cut up potatoes, red peppers (which are also incredibly healthy for you), onions, olive oil, and maybe a touch of brown sugar for an entire dish! To cook the brats in an oven well enough make sure you flip the brats at least once.  Or cut them into one inch chunks before adding them to the pan.

Beer Brats
     After doing some research I have found that everyone has their own ways to cook beer brats. Here is a basic recipe that you can tweak to your own liking!
     In a cooking pan, add one tablespoon butter or oil to two bottle of beer. Dark beer will add a richer flavor. Heat until it turns into a pourable sauce. Slice four brats down the middle and place opened on a skillet. Once brats are cooked place on a platter and pour the beer sauce over.
     Another variety of this would be to add brats to the pan of beer sauce before placing on skillet.  After they are thoroughly coated place them on a skillet to cook. This is a recipe to have fun with and personalize!

Local Meat Markets
People will testify again and again that no frozen brat in a styrofoam package will ever taste as good as a fresh one from a meat market.  Two meat markets stand out in the Indy area as great places to buy your brats and other meats this season:
1. Claus' German Sausage and Meats  Since 1913 this market has been serving a multitude of different meats to hungry families in Indianapolis.  With 51 types of sausages and lunch meats and employees available to speak German, you can expect quality.
Phone number: (317) 632-1963
Call for directions to their new store!
2.  L.E. Kincaid & Sons Meat Market  Family owned and operated since 1921, you can still expect all sausages to be hand made and stuffed in the store.  Kincaid's is an active supporter of the community, annually supporting FFA and volunteering at Conner Prairie.
Phone number: (317) 255-5497
Address: 5605 Illinois Street, Indianapolis IN 46208

Enjoy!  Send me your favorite game-day recipes and maybe I'll put them in my next article!


  • Colt's Fan 5 years ago

    Yessssss! Perfect suggestion for the playoff game. Thanks!

  • Diane 5 years ago

    I am definitely trying the beer brats. Never done that before. Sounds great!

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