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Beer and the Olympics

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Beer and the Olympics

Hey, there's nothing like rooting for your favorite hockey team while consumer a couple giant cups of nine dollar beer. Now, if I'm at Bridgestone Arena cheering for the home Predators, I opt for the giant cup of Yazoo Brew Amarillo Pale Ale. Most people are still wasting their money on slightly yellow slightly fizzy slightly alcoholic macro-brew, but that's OK. Someone has to pay for those billion dollar advertising budgets.

At the Sochi Olympics, however, according to Russian law, no beer, or even vodka, is allowed to be sold in the public areas of any sports venue. “If people drink beer, it is not good, “ said Slavik Grazhdankin, 25 year old fire alarm installer. Um, what?! After winning gold for Russia in the Parallel Giant Slalom, Vic Wilde remarked that “it would be nice to have a beer. They won't let us have beer.” Um, what?! Won't let them.

So let's just have a closer look at our buddies Russia. Russians consume and average of 58.9 liters of beer per year. That is compared to 81.6 for US, 131.1 for Ireland, and 158.6 for the number one Czechs. They are, however, number three internationally in vodka consumption at over 100 liters per capita. Their two biggest breweries are Baltika and Stary Melnik. Yeah, never heard of them either.

Now they should get credit for one thing, and Tennessee could take some lessons from this one. I hate getting schooled by the Russians. But anything under ten percent alcohol is considered a foodstuff. Yeah, foodstuff. Anyone could by it anywhere, at any time. Well, to be fair, I kind of oversold that. They did start to regulate alcohol in 2011, but how cool would that have been?

So, while we watch Canada school us in hockey, again, and while we endure the pretentious and awful NBC coverage, grab a glass of cold craft beer, necessarily under 6.2% of course, otherwise it is considered alcohol in Tennessee. Enjoy that tasty beverage while watching sports, and start planning for the Tennessee Craft Brewers Guild Fix the Beer Tax campaign.

Time for a pint. Cheers!

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