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Radegast Hall Biergarten in Williamsburg, Brooklyn
Radegast Hall Biergarten in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

As the summer months roll on with its oppressive demeanor, it can weigh heavy on your spirits and chip away at your creativity when it comes to dining options. Treating yourself to a large variety of frosty international beers and venison sausage at Brooklyn’s Radegast Hall and Biergarten can fit the bill for your indoor-outdoor dining experience.

Whether you’re celebrating or mourning the status of your favorite World Cup team there are tons of other reasons why Radegast Hall works, including:
• The space is enormous so it’s an easy solution if you’re hosting large groups or playing tour guide
• The beer options are varied, they work for the frequent or occasional beer drinker, and there are alternate wine, and cocktail options
• The live music is usually quite entertaining
• The food is not limited to bratwurst

Executive Chef, Eric Francou, is French born, and formally trained in France and London, and has worked at top Michelin star restaurants in Europe. He has trained under master chefs like Paul Bocuse and Jacques Chibois. Francou’s culinary prowess lends itself to elegant and effortless dishes that include his Spicy Hungarian Goulash and Dumplings, Mushroom Maultaschen (chicken liver mousse, porcini mushrooms and garlic mascarpone espuma), and a nice Roasted Bone Marrow appetizer with anchovy, red wine and orange marmalade.

Francou’s menu items range from light to very rich, simple to complex, specialty parings to decadent desserts. Whether you’re in the mood for a ribeye steak or an classic apricot strudel with a dessert wine, Francou executes every dish to your satisfaction.

Why a beer garden?

Beer gardens can to be overlooked or erroneously passed up by some New Yorkers as just another sports bar or a refuge for college kids and tourists. That assumption is generally held and perpetuated by individuals who have never actually stepped into a beer garden. Radegast Hall is an open and friendly space where you can find a diverse crowd that includes Brooklyn locals and visitors coming in from work or to do brunch. It’s also enjoyable if you want to pop in and grab a drink on your own.

We also know that New Yorkers love their beer by just observing the growing number of bars that house a large selection of drafts, and the sprouting of New York breweries. According to Beer Gardens NYC, there are at least 54 beer gardens in the area, so it looks like they are here to stay and folks are warming up to them nicely.

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