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Been here, done this many times, still loving the Harbor Town Pub of Pt. Loma

They do it right for San Diego's finest sports bar enthusiasts
They do it right for San Diego's finest sports bar enthusiasts

When I talk Point Loma, I’m talking La Playa, the Wooded Area, Roseville-Fleetridge, which waits for you across the channel from Shelter Island. People, I’m talking the ritzy part of town... you know, where Two Years Before the Mast led to a beach community of 800 just hanging out in the glorious San Diego sunshine way back when and they were doing what players of La Playa do.

Enjoy your new year with good cheer at the Home Town Pub

Our modern day version of La Playa equals some of the most expensive real estate in the entire country! This is home to great writers, artists, and drinkers of good wines, some of whom hang out in the great sports bar known as Harbor Town Pub, a self described neighborhood pub with great food and drinks!

Alas the ride has ended for my football fervor, and what a ride we all took this past football season! My Chargers showed us what it means to be from San Diego and then some. I love the new look of the team from the top down. Great year players!

I’ll probably be looking to find solace at the neighborhood pub for the last week of playoff football and that pub for my taste will be the Harbor Town Pub, which is located at 1125 Rosecrans St. in Point Loma.

This place has a fine kitchen for excellent pub grub for sure. Weekends offer very good breakfast foods and drinks all at reasonable prices. When Nancy and I go, we like the salads. I’ll do the CHINESE CHICKEN, which is: mixed greens; jalapeno; chicken; carrots; radish; cucumber; scallions; wontons; peanuts; grilled lime; cilantro; with a great tasting dressing.

THE GREEK: Mixed greens; feta; red onion; tomato; croutons; cucumber; kalamata olives; peppercini; greek dressing
most any day and Nancy likes The Greek best.

At the Harbor Town Pub we can eat healthy (happy New Year) and do it for under $20.00 for the both of us. It’s got a nice vibe. The servers are good and friendly. I’ll go back anytime.