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Bee Review

Bee Vinity
Bee Vinity

Bee Vinity (Creme de Beaute) is described as a, "Buzz of beauty in a jar." It was designed for all skin types. It tones, firms, hydrates and acts as a natural detox to and for the skin.

The product was created by intellectual Ellie Lobel after a life-altering killer bee attack, while she was in California, where she had moved to for hospice care. She was inflicted with Lyme disease and was not expected to live. The bee attack was so vicious and her body were so weak that it was up to her caretaker to run for help.

Lobel asked that she not be hospitalized. Rather, she was escorted back to her room, where she was waiting for anaphylaxis to end her life. However, by the third night, she had made a remarkable recovery.

This was three weeks ago. She believes that she no longer has Lyme disease. But, this series of events led to a time of serious research, regarding bees and bee venom.

What she uncovered was years of research and usage.

Cut to today.

When a bee venom infused product is used as a cream or a mask, it acts as a mild irritant. The skin reacts as though it's been stung. The blood begins circulating in the affected areas, collagen and elastin are produced and the after-product is a younger and smooth looking skin.

Bee Vinity has a light, pleasant aroma and feels invigorating, once it is applied to the face. If you decide to try it, please, read the instructions first. Though not many are affected by the venom, a small percentage of the population will be.

Bee Vinity is available from their web site (as listed below) and it is available in a 15ml jar for $30.00 and a 50ml jar for $90.00.


Loves the feel of Beevinity on her face.

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