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Red bed with wood furniture and a beige carpet
Red bed with wood furniture and a beige carpet

Open up a bedroom painted with dark walls by leaning an oversized mirror that nearly reaches the ceiling against an empty wall.

A headboard can be upholstered in bold horizontal stripes.

Keep children’s rooms neat by housing books, toys and art supplies in fabric-lined baskets tucked into the “cubbies” of a bookshelf.

Pair a child’s two favorite colors in various shades to make a room bright and cheerful.

Give some punch to a teen’s room with bright color, a checkerboard floor, a cozy tucked-away window seat and a lamp.

Two beds can be placed right together side by side (instead of separating with a table) to create a cozy guest bedroom.

Trunks have lots of storage potential when divided with lift-out trays that are packed efficiently. They can be left open for a decorative touch to display; or they can be stored in a closet or under a bed.

Ribbed cotton chenille bedspreads and shams are soft and soothing for summer, and provide a restful night’s sleep.

An airy, restful master bedroom is accomplished by keeping things clean and simple with a white-on-white scheme complemented by deep earth tones and natural themes.

Arrange a round mirror with a pair of inexpensive white vases for a sleek, modern and minimalist look in a bedroom.

Mix stripes, florals and solids in the same color family to get an eclectic but harmonious, vintage-inspired look without the vintage price tag.

Create a colorful and one-of-a-kind bedskirt from a mismatched collection of floral handkerchiefs sewn onto a flat bed sheet and accented with a “cotton ball” fringe.

A tonal palette of light pink and brown allows for a range of classic additions (like shells and lamps) that together create a sense of harmony and balance.

Two or three dominant colors in a room are all you need to create an eclectic mix without giving an overly busy appearance. The colors can be used in a variety of patterns, however (florals, stripes and plaids).

For an unconventional-yet charming-look, use a dining chair as a bedside table, topped with books and a reading lamp (if there’s enough room).

A floral area rug does wonders to anchor a room’s layout and to provide visual interest to a room that features solid color and very few patterns.

If closet space is tight, a ladder provides the hangers guests may need during their temporary stay in a guest room and keeps everything easily within reach.

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