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Bed size and a happy marriage

A full-size-bed keeps things cozy. Not all husbands agree.
Photo by: Jeni Asaba

In a marriage, bed size is important. After all, the bed is the most multi-purpose piece of furniture in the home. Need a place to sit and watch TV, work or read the newspaper? No problem. Looking for a soft spot to lay down for an afternoon nap? Done. Attempting to find a more motivational exercise space? You get the picture.

So with all of these things in mind, it’s no surprise that bed size is a common topic of discussion among newlyweds buying their first pieces of furniture. Queen or king? Unfortunately for my husband, Patrick, as one of the few items I already had pre-marriage, ours was neither.

I purchased my metal, antique bed from a church rummage sale while I was in high school. It was beautiful, unique, everything I imagined I’d have in my “grown-up” bedroom. But it was a full. Patrick wasn’t thrilled. “That’s way too small,” he said from day one. Nonetheless, that and our coffee table were all we had, so he gave in. “Fine, we’ll keep it, for now.”

Over the course of the next five years, Patrick continued to point out our smaller than normal bed, consistently asking when we could upgrade. Last year, it was when I decided to convert our office into a guest bedroom, that it seemed most fitting. It was about a week from my first mentioning the idea until we had a new queen bed set up in our room.

Personally, when it comes to beds, I think smaller is better. It takes up less space, which makes a room look larger. And more importantly, it keeps things nice and cozy. And while I’m a sucker for any and all things cozy, this took on an entirely different meaning when our family expanded.

Though Little Man, as I call him, doesn’t sleep in our room (co-sleeping is not for us), being the multi-purpose piece it is, we spend a decent amount of time hanging out on our bed. And as a large, soft place to roll around, Little Man loves it. He loves it so much, in fact, that he often forgets there is the distinct possibility of falling off.

This fact became all too real when the three of us were hanging out on our bed earlier this week. Being the rambunctious 13-month-old boy he is, Little Man decided to test his limits. Let’s just say Patrick’s cat-like reflexes came in handy when a series of unexpected motions almost forced Little Man and me to the floor. “See,” Patrick said. “We should have got a king.”


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