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Bed Bug Dogs

Have you ever heard of bed bug dogs? Perhaps not, however these incredible K9 scent detection dogs are gaining recognition in the industry. Why use a bed bug dog? There are a few different scenarios where one might want to use a bed bug dog.

Bed Bug Dog
Bed bug hunters

The first scenario is the family member waking up with unexplained bites. The search begins to look around your bed for bed bugs, but there are no obvious signs. This is the typical scenario why most people will request the service of a local bed bug dog company. Bed bug dogs are incredibly accurate, and can find a single bug in a very large space. This service offers two great values. First, the bed bug dog will let you know whether you have bed bugs or not. And secondly, it will let the pest control exterminator where to focus their effort (chemicals).

The second scenario is after you've had a bed bug treatment, and you want to be sure that all bed bugs have been killed. Those that want to hire a bed bug dog service for this purpose will need to wait at least 2 weeks after the treatment was completed, and more often than not, up to a month. This is due to residual chemical and residual pheromone scent.

The third scenario is is typically for preventative maintenance. Day care centres, nursing homes, libraries and many other commercial businesses and public venues chose to proactively inspect for bed bugs with bed bug dogs on a regular basis.

Bed bug dogs have an incredible ability to detect their imprinted scent. However, bed bug dogs are only as good as their handler. Be sure that you carefully chose a bed bug dog company. They must be qualified, and the dogs need regular, daily and weekly training to remain effective.

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