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Becoming More Visible


Trans teen homelessness - A burgeoning crisis. Who is responsible? The kids, or society?

From behind the lens of photographer Josh Lehrer we will tell the compelling stories of five, homeless transgender teens. Their backgrounds are diverse, but their stories are strikingly similar. Rejected by their families and lured to New York City with the hope of finding connection and love, many of these trans teens instead find themselves again rejected and homeless.

The film will culminate in a celebratory New York City opening of the photographic work interspersed with triumphs of the kids, both big and small.

Here is what Pamela French had to say about the project: "The work was stunning and I knew in my heart that there was tremendous synchronicity between us. While we instantly fell in love, his concern that we never exploit or sensationalize the kids required a great deal of earnest discussion. My desire to make a film that transcends victimhood resonated deeply with Josh, and our partnership was born."

The perks include stamps, postcards, private receptions, prints and private dinners.

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