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Becoming mayor of your favorite record store

If you go 100 times in the next week, you can be mayor!
If you go 100 times in the next week, you can be mayor!
Photo by Alex Pudlin

Foursquare will never reach Facebook levels but it has certainly increased in popularity over the past year. As people check-in to locations, share tips, unlock badges and befriend other nearby visitors, citizens have become engaged with the city in new and fascinating ways. For anyone with an ego, Foursquare is all about becoming the mayor of a place by checking in more than anyone else. While some people are a-okay racking up meaningless mayorships (e.g. the mayor of an intersection, the mayor of mailbox), others have their sites set a bit higher. In Los Angeles, music enthusiasts may seek out mayorships at music venues like the Echo or record stores. This article will focus on the latter. How do you actually become the mayor of a Los Angeles record store?

One of the main problems with becoming the mayor of any retail store is that the people who work there will probably be there more than you will. So unless all the people who work there avoid Foursquare, you will have an uphill battle. If you want to become mayor look for stores in LA that are not populated by trendy-looking Foursquare users. Places like Canterbury Records in Pasadena. Then your only competition will be other Foursquare users.

But what if you want an even more presitigious mayorship? Let's say you want to become mayor of Amoeba. My advice? Go every single day. I speak from experience. I've checked-in at Amoeba over 90 times. The good news is that I'm apparently 2 days away from being the mayor. The bad news is that if I do become mayor, I'll be ousted within a day if I don't keep going back.

This may all seem a bit pointless. Places like Starbucks will give their mayors discounts. Amoeba and Rockaway don't appear to have those offers. However, maybe on your quest to be mayor you can campaign throughout the store and get some kickbacks in the form of gift certificates. Just promise the patrons and employees that you'll clean the aisles, beat up the thieves and provide better service for in-store performances.


  • Jim Kaplan 4 years ago

    Alex, you rock. I have respect for any record collector that will attempt what you are attempting to do.

  • Anonymous 4 years ago

    Alex, I don't believe that you're the mayor of Amoeba legitimately. I think you were on the can checking in. The reason that I say this is because I have NEVER seen your active check-ins.

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