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Becoming an Events Planner is only the beginning of Success in Toronto, Canada

The final touches are added to the decor and the lights have been dimmed to perfection. The dance-floor is polished and those disco lights are spinning! You are the Events Planner of this spectacular night of entertainment in an upscale venue with a glowing ambiance!

Events Planning - the beginning of a new career in Toronto, Canada
Events Planning - the beginning of a new career in Toronto, Canada
Events Planning Photos from Google Archives shared by Jobs Journalist Arlanna Alie
Events Planning - the genesis of a new career in Toronto, Canada
Events Planning Photos from Google Archives shared by Jobs Journalist Arlanna Alie

This is the J-O-B of your dreams and you are living through it all in the city of Toronto, Canada! This career option can lead to so many different opportunities in life. The role of an 'Events Planner' includes lifting the heavy 'preparation' workload off of the back of a potential client; and making it much lighter to handle, moreover, creating an AMAZING EXPERIENCE for that client. Any choices made starting from the wedding decorations leading up to the birthday balloons; can all become concepts to be expanded by the utmost creative minds!

How does one become an 'Events Planner'?

Firstly, one must determine which side of the industry within which one wishes to work. In this billion-dollar industry, one can organize events in either the Corporate arena or Entertainment (party/show/fashion) arena. Another branch of this tree would lead one into the Wedding Ceremony Planning arena.

It is important to become aware of which colleges or universities offer the types of courses that one might need. Some courses do not offer the hands-on approach, henceforth, it's an even better idea to try internships whenever these spots are available.

Event Coordinator positions are comparable to Events Planner positions in that the roles are the same, rather, it's merely the title that is different. One must enjoy working with people. It is vital that one starts networking with others via online communications (i.e. web-site creation, social media profiles). This job involves listening to clients and knowing how to deliver the vision that they wish to attain for their special event.

One should gain experience with advertising firms or entertainment companies to build one's portfolio. Whether one chooses to dip into the music industry or television world, there are many choices!

Venues such as the Toronto Police Association Banquet Hall & Conference Centre is the home at which Events Planner/Booking Manager 'Empress Arlanna' began her 10-year career; which continues at present.

Similarly, one can find a venue with a management staff that is willing to allow one to host all events on-site, in order for that venue to become the main fortress for one's activities and clients, to be able to build one's experience in the industry; in addition to expanding one's track record.

EDUCATIONAL COURSES (in Toronto, Canada) to consider are as follows:

Event Management - SENECA COLLEGE


Conference Event Planner Program - ACADEMY OF LEARNING

E-learning Event Planning Courses - CHARITY VILLAGE (

Event Planning and Management - HUMBER COLLEGE

Event Planning and Meeting Management - CENTENNIAL COLLEGE

Special Events Planning - GEORGE BROWN COLLEGE

This VIDEO provides further insight on how to get started. The annual salary range for this career starts at $35,000 and can reach as high as $150,000, depending on one's executive contracts or company's clientele agreements. The potential income is limitless!

Save this LINK (BELOW) to your favorites for more updates from; about new jobs available in this Event Planning industry!

Happy Searching, Toronto!

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