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Becoming adept at prepping

Quite often, preppers are so busy acquiring items that far less attention is given towards developing essential skill sets. In order to truly survive and thrive during an emergency, understanding effective methods to maintain body warmth and adequate hydration, feed families, and manage despite a shortage in access to public services becomes crucial. Let's explore some forums that provide both, a forum for serving the public while simultaneously enabling communities to come together in a collaborative spirit.

* The Medical Reserve Corps are a national non-profit aligned with the Office of the U.S. Surgeon General. Dispersed in communities around the nation, this organization is volunteer-based and run, enabling communities to actively contribute to the growth of public health at home. For a more effective group effort, training across sectors is actively implemented across the board. Taking time to give back to the community is a wonderful form of reciprocity while enhancing our education and understanding.

* The American Red Cross offers a plethora of wonderful resources. Their website provides preparation essentials for the disaster in question as well as resource guides specific to the entity being served (ie - school, home, professional office). Additionally, they've a great Tools and Resources Library speaking directly to specific natural disasters, chemical and other community-based scenarios.

* Hudson Trail Outfitters is a wonderful retail store for the outdoor enthusiast. The Pentagon Row store in South Arlington is huge and offers a wonderful and diverse array of products with amazing staff always on the ready to assist. Regularly, workshops and other programs are offered here and at other locations. Be sure to take advantage of upcoming talks on basic prepping. This Facebook page is a good one to bookmark for upcoming events around the Washington Metro region.

* It's important to have Go-To Websites on hand for easy reference:

a. Ready.Gov: This is a wonderful spot for involving the active family. Families would do well to engage their children in the learning process as it will alleviate stress while building teamwork and essential prepping skills.

b. FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency): Recently, they've partnered with the Corporation for National and Community Service towards establishing FEMA Corps. These trained participants all work collaboratively towards assisting communities in need during times of disaster. FEMA also offers a detailed pdf and other resources for effective preparation.

Do bear in mind that having some printed resources on hand may become critical in the event of a power or other outage. It's also wise to properly waterproof important resource papers and documents. Inexpensive options include clear contact paper or plastic sleeves stored inside a vinyl notebook.

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