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Becoming a one-car family is really doable

Yes, families can share one car!
Yes, families can share one car!

Got teens? More and more families are breaking the bank because they have teens who are demanding cars of their very own. Multicar families are expanding more and more, as Moms and Dads tighten their belts more and more. Teens just don't want to hear that they can't have a car and sharing their parents vehicles just seem so foreign to them.

Having more than one car in a family can be pretty costly venture and experts guesstimate that having owning a car over a five-year period can cost as much as $62,000 according to AAA and the costs of ownership includes doling out money for fuel, routine maintenance, tires, insurance, license and registration, loan finance charges and depreciation costs for a car that is driven 15,000 miles a year.

One car per family? Yes, you can as a family get by on just having one car in your household but you'll need to plan, organize and all must be on board! Good luck!

1) Carpooling and relying on public transportation or good neighbors, friends, co-workers ain't half bad. Besides saving money, you're helping the environment by reducing your carbon footprint, cutting down on driving stresses and boosting your social life by possibly forming new friendships or strengthening old ones.

2) Think of the insurance savings! Having one car to insure rather than many is quite a substantial savings, insurance-wise. Sure, insurance companies offer multi-car discounts because the more cars there are in a family, the less miles per car driven but the risk for accidents also increases. Also, one insurance company may offer a multi-card policy but be especially expensive for young male drivers. Keep in mind that multi car discounts will depend on the value and performance of the cars concerned, as well as the experience and safety record of the individual drivers.

3) Select a one-size-fits-all vehicle, chose a car that will satisfy each family member's needs. Decide whether your family requires a hauler like a pickup or large SUV, or one that is great on gas. When deciding on one vehicle, make sure to consider all of the things the car will be used for since it will be the family's sole vehicle.

The bottom line to making a one-car family situation work is sharing, exercising creative solutions, flexibility, patience, and caring.

--Car Chick®

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