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Becoming a Bus Driver in Toronto, Canada: More career options explored

The 'wheels on the bus go round and round' as we've always observed in the transportation system of Toronto, Canada. Who are those bus drivers, chauffeurs and caring individuals in whom the public patrons place their trust? Those bus drivers are people who have applied to this particular type of job, in order to become one of the most reliable workers in the city! There are several companies hiring workers during seasonal periods. If one were to apply for a 'school bus driver' job, for instance, the hours of work will vary according to the school term (i.e. mornings and afternoons, some trips and summer vacation similar to the schedule of teachers or students). These positions are usually part-time and suitable for stay-at-home parents or retirees. One would be required to submit a driver's abstract within the province of Ontario.

Consider driving a BUS and helping people within the Transportation industry of Toronto, Canada!
Consider driving a BUS and helping people within the Transportation industry of Toronto, Canada!
Photo of Bus Drivers with Transport Canada shared by Career Coach / Jobs Journalist Arlanna Alie of News
Start a new pathway by becoming a Bus Driver in Toronto
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Some jobs involve driving for schools or churches; providing transportation to their passengers. When considering any job that involves receiving public trust, one would always ensure that safety regulations are followed at all times.

In quoting a New York-based school bus driver, it has been said that 'school bus drivers must be attentive to traffic and weather conditions while staying on schedule and ensuring the safety of passengers. They must ensure that their vehicles are operating properly each day by testing brakes, tires and other components. Drivers are also responsible for maintaining a safe environment within the bus by enforcing rules of conduct and responding to emergencies. They must keep track of the amount of fuel used, number of students transported and miles driven, which they typically report to supervisors each week.'

One may choose to become a professional driver or 'chauffeur' of cars and limousines. One would drive clients to and from places, making sure that their journey is safe and comfortable, maintaining arrival time-frames as scheduled. These hours of work will differ compared to the standard 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. lifestyle. The majority of bus drivers in Canada are required to present a well-groomed appearance on the job.

Recommended courses of study are as follows:

Centennial College - School of Transportation

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