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Becoming a better coach

playing pool, racking balls, pool halls
playing pool, racking balls, pool halls

In all competitive sports we look up to a certain individual to guide us, motivate us and help us become better players in the sport of our choice. You may call this person your coach. Sometimes your coach is new at this part and while they are looked up to, they are often times learning right along with you.

In pool leagues, whether you are a new coach or a seasoned one, there may always be something to learn. First, you may have thrown your hat into the ring and not fully understood what you volunteered for, maybe stepping out of your comfort zone a little. As a new coach on an organized team you begin to learn more about your players, what situation do they play best in? What are their strengths and weaknesses in play? You learn who you can best match up against an opponent for optimal results. Now you have to give a coaching time out? What do you do? Often times you may look to a more seasoned player on your team to help with that, especially if you are a lower skill level in the game.

As you begin your journey toward a more seasoned coach, there is still a lot to learn. Maybe now you have achieved a higher skill level and have also become more confident in coaching how to take a shot or where and how to shoot the ball for the best chance of making a hit. What else can you learn? Watch your players shoot and watch the opponents shoot. Get to know their game a little better. Observe what shots they tend to prefer over others. When you do this you can now easily step in for a coaching time out when you see something they may not see. Help them get out of their comfort zone. These tips can make your game and theirs better and in turn, increase the chances for your team to win.