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Becoming a beautiful member of God's spiritual kingdom of light

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In the midst of all the various forms of spiritual and moral darknesses that are present in our modern society God’s messages are getting through to some people who are needing them and these messages grow inside people in such a way that with the help of God’s Holy Spirit the person accepts God’s invitation to first ask God to forgive them for breaking His laws and then the person asks Jesus Christ to become their personal Savior and spiritually apply His atoning work on the cross to their lives.

When people do these things a wonderful process begins that should transform their life from being a part of the Devil’s kingdom and living according to various demonic deceptions and giving into various fleshly temptations; and transform them into becoming a beautiful member of God’s kingdom who uses the power of the Holy Spirit to live according to God’s principles of living found in the Bible.

In 2 Corinthians 5:17 (NASB), the Apostle Paul proclaims: “Therefore, if any man is in Christ, he is a new creature; the old things [have] passed away; behold the new things have come.”

This means that when a person asks God to forgive them for breaking His laws and then asks Jesus Christ to become their personal Savior; they are supposed to come out of the spiritual and moral darkness of their old behavior patterns of breaking God’s laws and through the power of the Holy Spirit become transformed into living according to God’s principles and developing a close relationship with God.

While for some people this process may be easy, for some other people it will take a lot of spiritual and human will power for them to make the change and start living according to God’s principles as they go through their daily activities.

A major way for new Christians to help the transformation process work is for them to daily study the Bible to learn God’s principles for living, talk to God in prayer about their problems, and ask the Holy Spirit to give them the insight and power to both be able to live according to God’s principles and be able to resist the various demonic temptations to go back into the old worldly way of living.

Another important lesson for new Christians to learn is found in Matthew 7:24 -25, where Jesus tells His followers to build the spiritual house of their lives on the rock of His teachings so that when the storms of life’s problems, the storms of various temptations that will try to distract them from following God’s principles, and the strong winds of people’s criticisms for living according to God’s principles will blow hard against their house in order to try and tear it apart; their house will be strong enough to withstand those storms because it has such a good foundation (and the Christians are using the power of the Holy Spirit to hold it together).

It is also important for new Christians to find a good Christian Church that believes that the Bible is the word of God, has good messages from the Bible, has good times of worshipping God, and has some good support groups that can help new Christians overcome the many problems that Christians have as they are living in our modern society.

The more that new Christians do the above things, the more they will grow in their Christian faith, the more they will become spiritually beautiful members of God’s spiritual kingdom of light, and the more they will become great beacons of light that shines in the midst of the many forms of darknesses in modern society so that some people who are living in darkness will be attracted to that light and follow it all the way to becoming beautiful members of God’s spiritual kingdom of light.



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