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Become involved in the environment at a local dive bar


This subject is related to THIS POST about meeting people in a bar. It is just one example of people coming together for a common interest.  I find it amazing that a little bar in Hamtramck, MI is also involved in environmental activism, and it deserves mention.  If your concerned with the environment you can help here, and maybe get involved and meet someone in the process. 

There is this well known little under-rated hole in the wall bar called "Whiskey in the Jar" in Hamtramck. It is a place for the neighbors of 'The Whiskey' and for lovers of the dive bar from the burbs. The Whiskey is a place where you feel comfortable and everyone knows your name. Literally. Sometimes they even scream it out as you walk in; a la "Cheers". If you have been there even once before, the bartenders know your drink and have it poured before you even get to the bar. If you’re a newbee, you are blessed with a complimentary shot of Jezy. It’s just tradition. Along with all of the charm of a dive bar with a Jukebox that plays everything from New Edition to Incubus, environmental activism has become an integral part of one bartenders quest to save the planet.

Augie, the activist bartender, has been working for an environmental group, REPOWER AMERICA, writing letters and getting petition signatures. He has turned the bar crowd into a great resource for petitioning, letter sending, and as a base of operation. He always has his clipboards ready for you to write a letter to your senator asking for support of clean energy. Augie brings new patrons in and makes new friends by telling everyone he meets to come see him at the Whiskey, and they always do. He mixes activism with shots of Jezy....match in heaven right?

Augie has used the bar in a positive way to get people involved in the political process in a way that is so easy and takes hardly any involvement, all in less time it takes to drink a Jack and Coke. Augie mans the bar at the Whiskey on Thursday and Friday nights if you want to get involved and do something simple to save the planet, over a beer, while chatting with your neigbor on the barstool next to you.