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Become fabulously frugal

Happy saving!
Happy saving!

No matter how much money comes in, there always seems to be more going out. While some families try desperately to save money for retirement funds, others try desperately to save money in order to survive from month to month. In an economy with an ever-growing divide between salaries and the cost of living, everyone can benefit from learning painless ways to save money.

Finding bargains may be a bit challenging if consumers do not know where to look for them, but once they learn where to find good information and quality items, finding bargains can actually be fun. There are countless ways to save on everything from food to furniture. The problem is that many people do not have the time to sort through emails, websites and newspapers to find good deals. Once they learn how to save, bargain shopping becomes a treasure hunt.

Bargain Tip: Quality clothing is ridiculously expensive. Luckily, many people who have a lot of money to spend tend to be impulsive shoppers. Therefore, it is not usual to find expensive clothing with the tags still attached on Goodwill's crowded racks. The trick is to visit often and look through as much merchandise as possible. An hour of one's time is certainly worth paying $5.00 for a $120.00 Ann Taylor jacket or $10.00 for two Lane Bryant shirts with worth $110.00. More importantly, the chic, savvy shopper has $100.00 left in his or her wallet to either to save or to pay that all important electric bill.

Website Goldmine: Anyone who purchases Coca-Cola products should definitely register with MyCokeRewards.Com Codes are found on all coke products and are easy to enter. The website will even send users an email or text each week to remind them to enter codes. Points add up quickly and can be used on a wide variety of free items, shipping included. Those who use the website regularly know that it is wise to skip alluring yet hard to win sweepstakes and save points for gift cards, magazine subscriptions, photo gifts, and even electronics.

Coupon Savvy: Many coupon sites require downloads which can slow down computers or make them vulnerable to viruses and hacks. The best coupon website is One need only enter his or her zip code to find local deals. The site's click and print feature also saves printer ink and time.

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