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Become an informed voter (2010 Election Series)

Mark Dayton Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate
Mark Dayton Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate
AP Photo/Jim Mone

Who are the Candidates?
That is a good question and if you are like many Minnesotans, you are watching the news for meaningful information about each of the candidates. You are probably pouring over websites of the candidates and taking in a great deal of information designed to persuade you to give them your vote.

But wait! Don’t just accept what is put out there for you as fact. Instead, take some time to get to know who is running and then make an informed decision.

How do we do this?
Know what matters to you in your life. Although issues like immigration reform are hot button issues, they may not matter very much to you in your life right now. If you are working and feel pretty safe in your future, immigration reform may be pretty far down on your list of priorities.

On the other hand, if you are a teacher who cares very much about education, you will likely want to know what the candidates plan to do about education funding. This in turn will likely push you to vote for, or against a candidate.

Caution. While it is important to look at the candidates total platform, many will likely decide based upon one or two key issues. That is a reality. My goal, however is to provide a few tools to assist you in making well reasoned decisions in both the upcoming primary and general elections.

Your Assignment
Get to know the candidates by visiting their websites:

Democratic Party Candidates                               
                                    Mark Dayton
                                    Matt Entenza
                                    Margaret Anderson Kelliher

Independence Party Candidates
                                   Tom Horner
                                   Rob Hahn

Republican Party Candidate
                                   Tom Emmer (Endorsed)

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