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Become a knitting mentor

Teach someone to knit something like this seed stitch and ribbing cashmere scarf.
Teach someone to knit something like this seed stitch and ribbing cashmere scarf.
Holli Friedland

As a knitter, you know something that a lot of people wish they knew how to do. Have you ever gone somewhere, sat down to start knitting and have someone tell you about how much they wish they knew how to do it?

There is an old expression, “Give a man a fish; you have fed him for today. Teach a man to fish; and you have fed him for a lifetime”( Author unknown). To take it a step further – Knit a person a sweater, they have a one sweater to wear. Teach a person to knit and you give them a wardrobe!

Many people learn a craft sitting at the knee of a parent or grandparent. Unfortunately, for various reasons, everyone does not have access to parents or grandparents to teach them. Share the wealth! Teaching a niece, friend or godchild how to knit can be as rewarding to you as it is to the person you teach. A simple garter stitch scarf can give a rookie knitter a source of great pride.

Probably, you already know someone who has expressed an interest in the craft. How about getting in touch with them and showing them how it’s done?

Yes, everyone is busy, busy, busy these days. But there are times when it is therapeutic to sit down with a skein of yarn and turn it into something enviable. Local shops are gearing up for the big knitting season right now. It is the perfect time to take someone under your wing.

Bringing someone into the fold and teaching them the skills that they may some day teach someone else, is a way to give back to the community. It is also a way to bring some good feelings to yourself. You do not have to be a pro or an advanced knitter to get someone started. All you need is some yarn, needles and a little patience.


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