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“Become a Cowboy/ Cowgirl for the Day”

Although \the Temecula Ranch House B&B is not a dude ranch, they arrange for guests to experience the life of a cowboy/cowgirl for the day. This unique experience offers up-close interaction with cattle and ranch routines.

The Temecula Ranch House B&B invites you to become a cowboy/ cowgirl for the day!
(Photos by Sandy Zimmerman)

Leslie Meyers, of the Temecula Valley Penning and Sorting Arena, boasts of 16 years as a bull rider. Of course, the Temecula Ranch House guests will not be learning to be bull riders.

Leslie explained, “When you first arrive, your level of riding ability is determined and you attend a horsemanship class. We want you to be safe out on the trails to protect riders and make sure your experiences are great. You also learn the history of the wineries and Temecula. You don’t just start riding a horse. You also learn about the horses on rides through the wine vineyards to see how the grapes grow and how the wine begins inside the winery.

After riding, we set-up a BBQ campfire dinner in our outdoor setting. Guests are encouraged to be hands-on cooking their-own dinner like the real cowboys. They have a main course, salad and dessert.

Some times we ride at night to join some of the wineries‘ jazz concerts.

One of the most exciting parts of the experience, Cow Penning involves having the guests learn how to control the cows and lead them into the pens. Once the cattle are out in the open, they take-off running. The two person sorting team must work against the clock with only 60 seconds to pen the cow.

Trail rides range from four miles and if you are really gung-how to 22 miles.

The figure eight arena is composed of 50’ round pens which hold 10 cows inside. Two long narrow alleys connect with the pens. Here you play with the cattle and learn how to work your horse.”

Leslie ranks 23rd in the world as a bull rider. He feels, “Riding a bull is the biggest Adeline rush you ever had.

There are polo matches, thoroughbred racing and different equestrian events every month. A full-size rodeo arena should open soon.

For information about the Temecula Ranch House B&B, their breakfasts, rooms and Cowboy/ Cowboy Experiences, call (714)-913-3383. The Temecula Ranch House B&B is located in Temecula, California.

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