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Becky Martinez writes romantic suspense filled with Deadly Messages

Deadly Messages written by Becky Martinez as Rebecca Grace
Deadly Messages written by Becky Martinez as Rebecca Grace
The Wild Rose Press

Local Denver author, Becky Martinez, pulls the reader into a world of Deadly Messages where love entwines with murder, where one sister learns hidden secrets about the other, where the hunter becomes the hunted.

As Investigative TV Producer Connie Romero investigates the murder of her sister, she travels from Seattle to Vancouver in pursuit of the killer, but Connie finds that she didn't know her sister as well as she thought. Her questions uncover Deadly Messages, and she soon suspects that someone is now stalking her.

Martinez writes as Rebecca Grace and her newest book is titled Deadly Messages, released by The Wild Rose Press.

Martinez said, “I have been writing for 25 some years and after some early rejections, I gave up trying to get published. I didn't attempt to get published again until ten years ago as I was winding up my broadcasting career. I wish that I had not stopped trying to pursue publishing because of my early rejections. Everyone piles up the rejection letters (or emails) and now when I look back at some of them, I see that they were actually encouraging, and I should have seen them as more than rejections.”

Her earlier books include three romances: Love On Deck, Desert Bloom, and Home Fires Burning, all published by Wings ePress. She also has had two short stories published, The Problem, by The Wild Rose Press, and Trouble In the Rockies, which was published in the anthology, Trouble With Romance. She’s also co-authored the how-to writing book with three other local Denver writers, The Steps To Creating Memorable Characters.

Martinez said, “I have just finished a mystery featuring a TV Anchorwoman, Blues at 11, and another romantic suspense, Deadman’s Rules. I am also working on a sequel to my Deadly Messages.”

Her advice to new authors? “Never give up if you want to be a writer. When I was working full time, I used to spend every weekend writing and usually got in some writing time early in the day. If you want to get published, keep learning the craft and most of all, keep writing!”

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