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Beckham family selfie at NYFW shows well behaved kids at Victoria's big show

The Beckham family took a selfie at New York Fashion Week (NYFW) as the clan sat in the front row for mom and wife Victoria's show. The image then showed up on Twitter, and is now trending like crazy on Feb. 9.

Beckham family take selfie at NYFW

So why is this particular shot so popular?

Well, there is the cuteness factor as all of the Beckham men are wearing suits as baby Harper sits on David's lap for this important sartorial occasion.

Also, this family obviously sticks together to honor each of their own. This time it's Victoria Beckham and her work as a fashion designer who gets all the accolades from her own special (and very good looking) clan.

Then there's the fact that the Beckham kids have been called well-mannered, something that's not always typical of children in this age range. For this, Victoria was lauded.

In fact, USA Today reported that when the former Posh Spice was told how well her tykes behaved, she said, "That's a huge compliment. They're just excited to be here. The boys had never been to a show. I thought it was time that they saw what mummy did. Mummy works and daddy works."

And so, as proof, the Beckham family selfie at NYFW indicated how much support the clan have to Victoria during her big show in Manhattan on Sunday.

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