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Becker Farms to host second annual open house

Becker Farms, known for its grass-fed meat, is holding its second annual open house on Sunday from 3 to 6 p.m.

"Join us for a fun day on the farm!" reads a flyer from the farm, which is a vendor at The Original Farmers' Market at the Indianapolis City Market. "Stay for as long or as little as your schedule allows."

Events include farm tours and a question-and-answer session. Refreshments will be served.

According to the farm's web site, Becker Farms is owned by Kyle and Emily Becker. Kyle is a veterinarian who was raised on a farm in Wayne County, while Emily has a Master's in Public Health. The two founded Becker Farms in 2007.

Becker Farms sells Angus-cross beef, which grazes April through November and eats forages during the winter. When possible, Becker Farms uses certified organic feed. The forages are from local farms.

"We do not use hormones, direct-fed antibiotics, animal byproducts, or growth stimulants," reads the web page. "We make every effort to maintain herd health so that treatment is seldom needed."

Becker Farms also sells grass-pastured pork, which, like the beef, does not include a diet of antibiotics or stimulants.

Want turducken? Becker Farms sells all three birds you'll need. "We purchase all of our chicks (broilers, hens, and turkeys) and ducklings from a high-quality hatchery that specializes in pastured-poultry and duck breeds," reads the web site. "The chicks and ducklings spend their first two to three weeks on our farm in the brooder room (which functions as a nursery) and then are transferred to pasture. The birds live in mobile huts that are moved regularly to new pasture, which provides shelter and protection from the elements (sun, rain, snow, etc.). We limit-feed a diet (consisting of GMO-free roasted soybeans and corn, canola, field peas, sunflower, Arcadian sea kelp, oyster shell, sea salt, yeast and probiotics, and vitamins and minerals) and place it far from their huts to promote grazing and an active lifestyle. We currently are raising soy-free broilers and hens and as of Fall 2014, we will be completely soy-free."

Feel like something a bit more exotic? Becker Farms sells grass-fed and finished lamb, goat and rabbit.

Community Supported Agriculture shares are available.

The farm is located at 7392 N. Wilbur Wright Road in Mooreland. According to the web site, directions are:

From SR-36: Travel along SR-36 until you reach Wilbur Wright Road approaching the town of Mooreland. Turn north at the Mooreland Cemetery and travel approximately 2.3 miles. The farm is the first farm on the east side of the road just past County Road 700. You will see two white barns, a white garage, and a small white home with black shutters.

From SR-35: Turn south from SR-35 onto Wilbur Wright Road, which is at the Blountsville Cardinal Greenway Trailhead--look for the yellow flashing light--and go approximately 1 mile. The farm is just past the sign for County Road 750, along the east side of Wilbur Wright Road.

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