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Beck reveals plans for a second 2014 album


If you think the release of Morning Phase, Beck’s first album in 10 years, is good news, you ain’t heard nothing yet. AP revealed today, in its feature on the musical genius, that Beck plans to return to the studio and record an album he'll put out later this year.

With that said, though, the release of Morning Phase is still extremely good news for music fans -- particularly Beck fans. Listening to it draws immediately parallels to the diminutive performer’s Sea Change album from 2002. That album, you may recall, was produced by Nigel Goodrich and found Beck way down in the romantic dumps. He may not be as romantically challenged this time out, but he nevertheless sounds quieter and gentler than the pseudo rapper that once bragged of having two turntables and a microphone.

Morning Phase is a perfect late night or early morning album. It’s melodic, yet calming. Even so, Beck has never sung better. But as good as it is, it just gives goose bumps to know there’s more on the way soon. And if you're in Texas be sure and catch him at this year's SXSW.